Downloading files

This website is for you all people to download files. The website’s owner will give you files for free but if other people can sell files here. Other people can sell files with not for free. While buying it you will have to understand that there will be taxes. you will be paid some more amount then written because of tax. You are not allowed to distribute or give the file to anyone or put it on your website. If you are distributing on other websites or anywhere so there will be an action taken. If you buy any of the file(s) and if you don’t find it good. Firstly, we will first check and if we see that you are right that in the description. If it is written something else and after downloading you find something else. then we will return your money and if it is your fault then we will not return the money. This website is family-friendly so please in the review section don’t write abusive words. Write bad reviews but please don’t use any abusive word.

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