Hello everyone, here you are going to learn how to selll your files in fileavatar.com . It is really very easy to do the same and very noticeable. So let’s move to how to do it!

Step 1-On home screen click at sell here

Step 2-If you have already signed up to download file so click on the small link shown become a vendor and if not so register in the site

Step 3-After registering in the site click on become a vendor in your account page

step 4-Write your email id and also your storename which you want and you will get if available and others has not taken

Step 5-You have to fill information about your company or if alone all information of your store which you will make. If you click on not right now so still it is ok but will have to do in future to start.

Step 6-Now you are good to go. Click on products to add a file or click on the button on bottom right side to add.

Step 7- You will see your files on the home page if there are many putting so your might be back behind. You can also see your profile or share at fileavatar.com/publisher/write your store name here

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